JuFos – Konference doktorského studia

Instructions for Papers

Template for the papers available for download here:  Template_papers

Template for poster available for download here: Template_posters

Submission of the poster is voluntary, only in case of impossibility of presentation of the contribution on your part, the deadline for submission of the poster is May 7,2023.

Your pappers send by e-mail to organizers devided due the sections:

Ing. David Jelínek – I. section

Ing. Sofe Pokorná – II. section

Ing. Zdeněk Vafek – III. section

Please create your papers using the provided template which you can download from this page (papers have to be created using this template, it is not enought to just make them look like the template).
The papers will be accepted on in .doc (or .docx) format.

Minimal length of the paper is 4 pages, maximal length is not limited.

Anotations will be printed in proceedings with ISBN. Accepted papers will be included in the proceedings which will receive participants of the conference only in case if they are complete, the required format is met and are created using the provided template. Any other formats (e.g. presentations created in PowerPoint etc.) will not be accepted and will not be included in the proceedings. Thank you for understanding.

The review of papers will provide by organizers.