JuFos – Konference doktorského studia

About the Conference

Junior Forensic Science Brno is international scientific conference ment for students of doctoral programs. The conference is organised by students of Institute of Forensic Engineering, Brno University of Technology (independent university institute) with the support of sponsors. On May 18 and 19, 2023 it will be already fifteenth annual conference.

The patronage over this year’s conference assumed:

prof. Ing. Karel Pospíšil, Ph.D., LL.M.
director of Institute of Forensic Engineering

The JuFoS conference is an unique opportunity for making new contacts and for exchange of knowledge from scientific and research activities of future forensic experts not only from Czech Republic. The participants will present their papers from different forensic disciplines in 3 sections:

Accident analysis, evaluation of motor vehicles and equipment

Construction and real estate evaluation

Risk analysis and prevention in various technical and economical fields

The outcome of the conference will be a collection of annotations with reviewed papers (with ISBN).

The best of annotations for each section will be presented in Forensic engeneering magazine.

The JuFoS conference is a tradition conference of Faculty of Forensic Engeneering, BUT.

The conference is a great opportunity to find inter-university cooperation, get to know the work and research of your colleagues, and share interesting information from the fields.